Home Assistant 2023.10: New looks and more tile card features!

Home Assistant 2023.10: New looks and more tile card features!


Home Assistant Core 2023.10! 馃帀

October! 馃巸 It means we鈥檝e just celebrated our birthday; we are now 10 years old! 馃巶 In case you鈥檝e missed our
birthday YouTube stream with all the cool announcements, we鈥檝e summed it all up in our 10 year Home Assistant blog post.

Even more exciting news, as this is Home Assistant鈥檚 year of the voice: Chapter 4 of this endeavor has been announced and will be streamed live on YouTube on 12 October 2023, at 12:00 PDT / 21:00 CEST! Be sure to tune in! I鈥檝e seen some early demos鈥 All I鈥檓 going to say is: It is mind-blowing! 馃く

As for this release, because of all of the above, it is a bit smaller than usual in terms of features. I promise that chapter 4 is going to make it all worth it. Yet, it contains tons of updates, bug fixes, and a couple of beautiful new features for the tile card! 馃ぉ

Enjoy the release!


Don鈥檛 forget to join our release party live stream on YouTube
4 October 2023, at 12:00 PDT / 21:00 CEST!

A beautiful updated logo!

In case you鈥檝e missed it, we have refreshed the Home Assistant logo! 馃ぉ

The new Home Assistant logo on a gray background.

This was done for the 10th anniversary of Home Assistant, and you can read all about this iteration in this blog post. You will start seeing this logo in many more places in the upcoming weeks, but, it is already included this release!

Screenshot showing the new logo showing on the about page in the Home Assistant interface.

Brand new My Home Assistant buttons

It is not just the logo that got a facelift; we have beautiful new buttons for My Home Assistant as well 馃ぉ.

My Home Assistant logo as a button

If you鈥檙e unfamiliar with My Home Assistant, it鈥檚 a free online tool that enables websites, documentation, chat platforms, and blogs to link to places on your Home Assistant server without knowing its address or being exposed to the internet. This ensures your privacy while still allowing a seamless experience.

In our documentation, you鈥檒l find those buttons to, for example, add a new integration to your Home Assistant with a single click! Try it yourself! This button below will open up your Home Assistant鈥檚 interface and show the integrations
you have installed:


So, if you see these buttons showing up somewhere, you now know what they do! You can easily create your own buttons and links to share on the create link page.

New tile card features for climate entities

In the last release, we added lots of new features for the tile card,
including features specifically for controlling your climate devices. This release, we are adding even more!

@Weissnix4711 contributed a feature that allows you to add buttons for the presets of your climate device to the tile card. Next,@piitaya took it a step further: You can now select which presets you want to show and if you want them in a dropdown list instead of a series of buttons.

Screenshot showing the new preset feature of the tile cards in both button and dropdown variants.

The screenshot above shows the same tile card, but one with the buttons and one with the dropdown.

In the options for this tile card feature, you鈥檒l be given the choice if you
prefer to show icons or if you rather have a dropdown. You can also pick
which presets you want to show/hide.

Tile card feature select entities

But there is more goodness for the tile card. @piitaya also added the dropdown from above as a feature for the select entities, allowing you to select an option from a list of options.

Screenshot showing the select feature for the tile card in the Home Assistant interface.

This feature can be used for any select entity but also your custom dropdown helpers! (also known as input_select entities).

Password managers and Home Assistant

Using a password manager is arguably one of the best things you can do to
improve your online security. But using them with Home Assistant, depending on
which one you have been using, has been a bit of a pain.

If you鈥檝e been using one of these password managers that had issues with
Home Assistant, you鈥檒l be happy to know that this release fixes that!
For example, 1Password now works!

Screenshot from the Home Assistant login screen, that show the use of 1Password

Map entity marker options

The map card received new options (thanks @karwosts!)
for your entity markers that are shown on the map.

You can now choose if you want the entity name to be rendered on the map
or the entity state, but you could also override the name altogether. You could,
for example, show state values, instead of the name, for the entities providing
gas prices, so you can see where the cheapest gas is.

Screenshot of a map card showing gas prices on the map.

When centering the map, all entities on the map are taken into account.
However, you can also exclude certain entities (for example,
known outliers) that should not be considered when doing that.

This is currently only available in the YAML configuration of the map card.
See our documentation for the map card for
more information.

Other noteworthy changes

There are many more improvements in this release; here are some of the other
noteworthy changes this release:

  • If you are using ESPHome, you will notice much smaller Home Assistant
    backups when you have the latest version installed!
  • The HomeKit Bridge integration now supports media receivers! Thanks, @bdraco!
  • @Lash-L keeps extending the Roborock integration.
    In this release, water and last cleaned sensors have been added. Sweet!
  • Withings received lots of love this release, thanks @joostlek! It is now
    easier to set up and now also works with the Home Assistant Cloud webhooks
    for push updates!
  • @allenporter added calendar support to the Rain Bird
    integration, allowing you to see your irrigation schedule in Home Assistant!
  • The System Bridge integration now supports notifications! Thanks, @timmo001!
  • @alexyao2015 added a button to Life360 to trigger a poll to update the
    location information. Cool!
  • The picture entity card now has a fit mode option to control how the image
    fits into the card. This lets you decide if the image is clipped, fitted,
    or stretched into the displayed card. Thanks @karwosts!
  • It鈥檚 now easier than ever to collect Z-Wave logs for troubleshooting.
    Just enable debug logging!

New integrations

We welcome the following new integrations in this release:

This release also has a new virtual integration. Virtual integrations are stubs that are handled by other (existing) integrations to help with findability. The following virtual integration has been added:

Integrations now available to set up from the UI

The following integrations are now available via the Home Assistant UI:

Need help? Join the community!

Home Assistant has a great community of users who are all more than willing
to help each other out. So, join us!

Our very active Discord chat server is an excellent place to be
at, and don鈥檛 forget to join our amazing forums.

Found a bug or issue? Please report it in our issue tracker,
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Breaking changes

If you are a custom integration developer and want to learn about breaking
changes and new features available for your integration: Be sure to follow our
developer blog. The following are the most notable for this release:

All changes

Of course, there is a lot more in this release. You can find a list of
all changes made here: Full changelog for Home Assistant Core 2023.10

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