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Although it seems a thing of the future, more and more people choose to incorporate some smart home appliance.

Society evolves and technology is there to help us improve our quality of life. Some of these devices are more than accustomed to seeing them, whether on television or on large surfaces. However, we are sure that there is one that escapes you.

That's why, at Computer Hoy, we want you to see what a real one would look like. smart House. In this list we will talk about refrigerators that warn you to buy yogurt, or robot vacuum cleaners that, by pressing a simple button, will pick up all the crumbs and the dust from your floor. Is the new Internet of Things, a term that you have probably heard a lot about in recent months.

In the same way, we will also show you lights that regulate your home environment depending on how you set it up.

And is that the future of smart homes It is closer than we think.

How do smart appliances work?


As mentioned above the world "Smart" the technology market is gradually taking over, and its diffusion turns out to be increasingly wide. The various devices of large or small dimensions are no longer those at once. A few years ago these products were almost branded as "useless", since they were in charge of secondary tasks and for many censers. Also the prices were unaffordable for many. But thanks to the technology used, they have gained general consensus, becoming more practical and incisive in the domestic context.

The new trend that embraces this category is based on systems that use home automation processes, "Appropriating" the device in question and connecting it to the network. That way the user takes control of the appliances through a simple application for mobile or tablet. You can therefore display on the screen of your touch device all the functions of the appliance in question. In addition some great series of wizard (computer procedures that allow the user to perform certain generally complex operations through a series of successive steps), will allow us to determine desirable settings, giving us the possibility of transferring them to the device.

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Appliances and Others

Xiaomi mi Flora

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Appliances and Others

Wall Mount for Google Home Mini

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Appliances and Others


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