The smart bulbs they are much more than a simple bulb to which someone thought it was a good idea to provide connectivity. Its uses and advantages are so many that you will be surprised when you know how to take advantage of them.

Smart lighting is the term we use to refer to a intelligent lighting system. This technological set consists of sensors, controllers and, of course, a lighting network. The objective is none other than that of promote an increasingly efficient use of resources reducing the final cost of the system maintaining or improving the level of lighting. This last aspect is very important and is the point on which all the efforts and innovations that we have lived in recent years revolve. Lighting is very important for our life., because it directly influences aspects as important to us as health and safety.

Efficient light, savings and sustainability

La Energy Efficiency  It is essential if we talk about Smart Lighting. Intelligent lighting systems are based on the principle of offer more with lessIe maintain or improve the level of brightness with a lower energy cost. Each of the steps that this technology has taken has always been under this premise, which has meant a saving in the current account of the many institutions and families that have taken the step of implementing an intelligent lighting model in their facilities and homes .

This has not occurred overnight. The search for greater light efficiency began in 1879 when Thomas Alva Edison He created the first ampule. Since that day, every step, every new technology or improvement has gone in this direction.

The first incandescent bulbs lost the 90% of energy in the form of heat, a quality that brought no value to a product whose mission is to illuminate. Taking this into consideration, it is clear that if the temperature of the bulbs was reduced, the loss of energy would be limited, and therefore, improving the efficiency of the device. With the first energy-saving light bulbs 25% was saved compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. If we replace them with the known fluorescents, the saving is 75%, the same percentage as if LED bulbs are used.

LED technology is the precursor of Smart Lighting for its numerous advantages: lower consumption, a 50.000 hour lifespan, up to five times more than a fluorescent and two more than halogens - the rapid ignition and the fact that turning them on and off frequently does not affect their useful life. All these points have an impact on the long-term maintenance and consumption cost of a Smart Lighting system It is much smaller than other technologies. In addition, unlike fluorescents, LEDs do not contain mercury, an element that is highly harmful to people's health and the environment.

Intelligent lighting


Smart bulbs

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