Get comfortable and see all the news and offers that we bring you in our home automation store so that you can domotize your house in a simple and economic way, now there is no excuse.

What is the Domótica Económica? We want to provide you with all the information to domesticate your home and what you need to be able to understand the operation, so we provide you with the tutorial home assistant

Communication protocols in the field of home automation, such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wifi, Radio Frequency, are some of the systems that we have devices to integrate into your new or existing system.

We have different Gateway´s compatible with the main brands.

If you have any questions, we have at your disposal an Online Chat in which we will try to answer your questions.

Smart Homes, in our home automation store you can find Smart Plugs, Light Bulbs, LED Strips, Switches without neutral to make installation easier, mini servers to manage your preferred home automation platform such as Home Assistant, Open Hub, Domoticz among others.

What is home automation? Set of techniques aimed at automating a home, which integrate technology into security, energy management, welfare or communications systems.

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