Un smart plug It is a device with which we can remotely control any device in our house. It is very comfortable because we can turn them on or off remotely and in addition to saving time, it helps us save electricity. Different protocols plug wifi, z-wave, zigbee.

Plug Wifi, Zigbee, Z-wave.

Smart plugs are versatile devices that allow us to control any device that we connect to them: a router, the heater, the heating ... so We can turn them on when we need them, even when we are not at home.

If they are already useful, when they are part of a home automation ecosystem to turn our house into a smart place like Google or Apple, the possibilities increase greatly.

Some initial issues

  • Compatibility: If you are going to buy a smart plug that is controlled through an app, it is essential that this application is compatible with the version of your operating system. In the market we will find that they all work with iOS and Android.
  • Smart plugs require a ground, a security measure that exists by law in current buildings, but which you might lack in case you are in an old building.
  • The current intensity that most smart plugs tolerate is 10 amps. Make sure your appliances and electrical appliances are compatible with this intensity, otherwise you will not be able to use them.
  • Be careful with the design: Some smart plugs are too bulky, blocking access to other surrounding elements such as another nearby plug or switch. If this is your case, it is better to choose a compact one or use an extension cord.
  • If you already have a virtual assistant at home or already have smart items, make sure that are compatible with your ecosystem. Without going any further, most work with the Android and Google ecosystems, leaving the Apple ecosystem much more limited. Although home automation expansion grows little by little, it is always better to check before making an investment that all gadgets "understand" each other.
  • All smart plugs that connect to Wi-Fi work with 2,4 GHz band, typical of routers in recent years. However, if you have a latest generation router, it can have dual band that includes the 5GHz in addition to the 2,4 GHz
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