Node-Red en Hassio o Home Assistant

Node-Red Con este tutorial os quiero enseñar cómo se instala y cómo se utiliza el addon Node-Red para home Assistant. En primer lugar vamos a opción Supervisor del menú izquierdo de home assistant. Después en el menú superior seleccionamos la opción ADD-ON STORE  Ahora dentro del repositorio Home Assistant Community Addons tenemos que localizar el [...]

0.107: Multiple Lovelace Dashboards, adds helpers, new media player card


George F. Will once said: “The future has a way of arriving unannounced.” Well, George, we don’t agree: Announcing the release of Home Assistant Core 0.107! This release brings a crazy amount of awesome new features and beautiful improvements to the frontend. Bye old State UI As announced with 0.105, the old States UI is […]

Community Highlights: 5th edition


Time for the fifth enactment of the Community Highlights! We’ve received quite a few recommendations, but also closely monitored social media and found some gems to share again! Controlling 7! marine aquariums with Home Assistant Let’s start with showcasing a highly unusual, but impressive, Home Assistant setup. It is shared on our Facebook group by […]

0.106.3: Coronavirus integration (COVID-19), track the outbreak


In December 2019, an outbreak of a novel Coronavirus also called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), began in the Wuhan region of China. This virus can cause the COVID-19 disease. This novel Coronavirus is spreading globally at a disturbing rate, which keeps everybody on top of the news. The media worldwide is covering the […]

0.106: Light brightness stepping, better Safe Mode and person dialog


Well, hello!, Home Assistant Core 0.106! We are happy to see you ? A great release that improves stability, reliability and a lot of helpful additions to make everything much more friendly and easier to use. So let’s dive in! Safe Mode improvements In Home Assistant 0.105, we introduced Safe Mode. Our goal is to […]

Floor plan y UiLovelace, Home Assistant a otro nivel.

Floor plan y UiLovelace, Home Assistant a otro nivel.
Floor plan y UiLovelace, Home Assistant a otro nivel. Floor plan y UiLovelace. Sin lugar a dudas, siempre queremos que nuestro entorno de Home Assistant sea los más atractivo y funcional, puesto que en ocasiones el aspecto de nuestro panel suele ser bastante soso y poco atractivo, es por ello que nos hemos metido de [...]