Economic domotics.

Domotics until recently was unthinkable because of its high cost and complicated system of operation as a facility, nowadays thanks to the evolution of technology and systems is more at hand. Both for price and for simplicity.

Here we bet on “Do it yourself” and therefore we offer generic systems and fully compatible with other commercial offers, generic systems are seamlessly integrated into the most common commercial systems, considerably lowering the price.

But it is not gold all that glitters, although this system requires a little dedication and patience, since it is not connected and ready, there is its charm the power “loves getting” and investigate how it works.

The platform that we recommend for its integration as well as its community is Home Assistant, a very active community with thousands of users that provide solutions and improvements to the system.

On our website you will find the best offers in these systems, all in one place, this way you will not have to waste time searching for articles and you will be able to dedicate it to the implementation of your system, we are also working on creating a manual section as well as a Forum where everyone can explain their experiences and doubts.

From economic domotics We thank you for visiting and allowing us to be known.

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