Switches / Pushbuttons

Smart switches / pushbuttons are still a light switch, but with advanced features that help automate your home. They resemble traditional switches and connect in the same spaces as traditional sockets, except that:

  1. They have radio wave capabilities, allowing them to connect to a nearby wireless network and become part of the IoT, the "Internet of Things." This just makes the devices "smart", offering a variety of options including mobile phone applications or voice controls.
  2. Its design tends to be a bit more complicated. Some may have additional buttons for more specific light control, while others may come with additional sensors or light indicators.

Smart switches are a good solution to update the current light switches, the ones you use every day. They differ from smart lamps, which use smart plugs. Smart switches or switches usually cost around € 14: You may not want (or do not need) to update all the switches in your home, although there are probably more than one that you use very frequently: these switches are excellent candidates for a "smart update."

Benefits of using a smart switch

To get a better idea of ​​how smart switches work, let's look at some of the benefits and features they offer. Keep in mind that other smart devices, such as light bulbs, also offer similar features, but smart switches tend to be a solution - in the long run - more cost effective.


Int.-Pul. 433 Mhz

RF 433MHZ touch switch

9,19 - 10,54
14,49 - 18,52
48,56 29,32
21,85 13,74

Int.-Pul. Zigbee

Zigbee LIVOLO switch

29,20 - 30,27
40,59 30,56
63,58 32,66
9,56 - 151,60
8,09 - 25,23
35,30 20,67
12,11 - 43,67

Int.-Pul. Zigbee

Mijia Aqara switch

13,54 12,11

Int.-Pul. 433 Mhz

433 MHz SONOFF RF switch

15,60 7,74
60,92 42,79
22,13 14,98
11,25 - 16,10

Int.-Pul. Zigbee

Aqara wall switch

28,92 - 32,52