Changing the Home Assistant Brand

Over the last few years, we have accumulated a wide range of projects under our
umbrella. We started out as a Python application (called Home Assistant) and
later added an operating system (HassOS) and management system ( Supervisor)
to it, to allow users to easily manage their homes, but also to provide a
system that is easy to keep up to date.

These different projects all come together in A system that is secure,
easy to keep up to date and runs the most powerful home automation platform in
the world. But having and Home Assistant has been confusing for a lot of
people, especially for newcomers to our great community.

The next step in making Home Assistant simpler is by making our naming simpler.
It’s our goal to make private home automation accessible to everyone.
And as part of that, people need to know how to refer to it.

Home Assistant is a home automation operating system for your home.
And to make this message clear, we’re renaming to Home Assistant,
and Home Assistant to Home Assistant Core.

Note: this is only about renaming projects and does not impact any
functionality of any of the projects.

If you run Home Assistant today in a Docker container or run it inside a Python
virtual environment, you are running “Home Assistant Core”.
Home Assistant Core will forever remain a standalone application like it is today.
We promise.

This name change is a huge thing! Not just a big thing we all need to get used
to, but even bigger for everything that needs to be renamed! It definitely
takes a couple of weeks to get the main parts re-branded.

So bear with us while we do so.


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